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For over 20 years, Executive Oasis International has helped organizations from 18 countries
foster innnovation, and improve organizational effectiveness.

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Fast Facts

  • Owned by Anne Thornley-Brown, MSW, MBA - Bio
  • Expertise: We facilitate executive retreats, team building, and meetings to help rapidly changing organizations survive,thrive, and grow even in the midst of turbulence.
  • Services: Our Services at a Glance
  • Reach: We have have worked with companies from 18 countries.

    During 18 tours of Asia. We have delivered workshops and team building to over 2,000 executives, managers, and professionals.

    Our President has blogged regularly for The Huffington Post, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, Event Manager Blog,, EventMobi, Cvent, Event Coup, Elite Meetings, and more.

  • Our History:

1996: Launch The Training Oasis, Inc., a consulting firm specialing in accelerated learning, experiential learning, and instructional design.

2000: International First programmes delivered in Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

2003: International First programme delivered in Thailand.

2003: Executive Oasis International brand created for executive team building.

2006: International First executive retreats delivered in Dubai.

2007: International Delivered first programmes in the Caribbean.

2007: Blogs Executive Oasis International launched its 2 official blogs.

2011: Our President and founder started blogging for Cvent, 5 times a week.



Where You May Have Heard us

Anne Thornley-Brown, our owner, has been interviewed by various media outlets. Here are a few examples. If you missed them you can tune in:

NPR, July, 2014:

Blogtalkradio, November, 2013:

Blogtalkradio, May, 2010:

CBC Radio 1's "The House", December, 2008

  • How Team Building Can Help the House of Commons

You can hear Anne around the 30:00 remark, right after Prime Minister Harper's comments about trust building



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Executive Oasis International has an active and strong social media presence. Our President manages a number of virtual communities.






Where You May Have Read About us

Executive Oasis International has been profiled in a number of media outlets and publications including: