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Survive, Thrive & Grow Even in the Midst of Turbulence


Visexecutaries Team Building Simulation

3 - 4 Day Team Building Simulation

  • Team Building in JamaicaIntroduce your team to simple tools for planning, decision making, and brainstorming in a fast-paced environment.
  • Improve your team's ability to deal with uncertainty and tolerate ambiguity.
  • Enhance cohesion between geographically dispersed teams.
  • Equip your team for the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.
  • Re-focus your team to seize opportunities in a growing economy.

  • Our global economy is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change and upheaval, presenting organizations with new challenges and opportunities. Some sectors are in decline while others are growing exponentially. In the midst of turbulence, even companies with strong performance need to be alert, proactive, and agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the economy and the marketplace.

    Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape challenges leadership teams with a change in mindset that recognizes turbulence as the new normal.

    A departure from traditional team building, participants will be, in effect, "firing with real bullets" by designing and executing a highly visible project.

    Please note: Executive Oasis International is a Toronto based team building and consulting firm specializing in facilitated business team building and executive retreats. We have offered team building to companies from 16 countries.

    We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.


    How We're Unique

    Many companies marketing team building actually just deliver team recreation.

    In Visexecutaries, teams design and execute a business related or charity project. It's "real" team building generating TANGIBLE BUSINESS RESULTS without sacrificing the fun factor.



    • Length: 3 - 4 Days

    • Group Size: 6 - 60+

    • Pricing: Varies with group size, season, & location

    • Locations: Global including Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Jamaica, Egypt.



    Team Building & International Team Building



    Who We've Helped

    We offer team building, consulting, an event planning to businesses companies of all sizes. We have designed and facilitated team building and management development programmes in 13 countries. Some of the companies that have participated in Visexecutaries Team Building have included EPICPCS (USA), GSK (Saudi Arabia), Samsung, Digi, Petronas, Maybank, Perodua, and Proton.

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    Visexecutaries Team Building


    Visexecutaries = Visionary + Executives

    Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape will help your company in its quest to improve organizational performance. Our highly interactive team building simulation will give your team a chance to invest quality time in:

  • improving your ability to produce results within
        tight timeframes
  • sharpening your project execution skills
  • defining and articulating a vision clearly
  • unleashing and unleashing the creative power of your team
        to translate your vision into reality
  • Amplifying your marketing power through the use of
        social media, guerilla marketing and pop-up events
  • re-thinking team, supplier and competitor relationships
  • gaining a clearer understanding of the needs of increasingly sophisticated and discerning customers
  • identifying and tapping into new markets for your products
        and services

  • Delegates will SIGNIFICANTLY improve their ability to thrive in a fast paced environment and achieve results and execute projects within a short timeframe.

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    Who will Benefit?

    Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape is EXTREMELY relevant to executives (including CEOS, CFOS and VPs), directors, project managers, manufacturing Managers, logistics professionals, IT professionals, engineers, technicians who execute projects, any manager, sales and marketing teams. Marketing and sales professionals seeking to improve their effectiveness in a fast-paced and volatile environment will find this team building HIGHLY beneficial.

    Visexecutaries was designed for companies where team members have to "spin on a dime". Highly stable organizations that experience little change and operate at a slow pace with lots of time for reflection and in-depth analysis may not find this programme relevant.

    As this interactive team building programme places a heavy emphasis on implementation in the real world, it is highly beneficial that at least 2 senior executives from 2 different functional attend and participate in the full programme.

    Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape is NOT a marketing programme. Yes, delegates and participatns will walk away with powerful strategies to be more responsive to marketplace trends and shifts in customer demand patterns. This highly interactive workshop focuses on business strategies to improve effectiveness in the midst of turbulence.

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    To survive, thrive and grow in the midst of turbulence, a change in mindset is essential. Even well established corporations have had to be proactive, re-think old approaches and re-invent their of doing business.

    This can involve:

    • executing projects and producing results in shorter and shorter timeframes
    • Assessing, refining and articulating a clearer vision of the direction in which you want to steer your team and organization
    • improving products and services
    • re-shaping your marketing strategy
    • modifying supplier and distribution networks
    • transforming team leader/team member interactions
    • ....and even forging alliances with the competition

    Visexecutaries are visionary executives who move beyond traditional paradigms to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in the marketplace. Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifing Corporate Landscape will give your teams the tools to fine-tune your strategy and seize opportunities in a turbulent market.

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    Your team will design a full product, marketing, sales strategy and complete all logistics and promotion required to take a real product or service to market and generate a profit. The teams will compete with in a marketing competition to determine which strategy is most effective in generating revenue.

    All teams will meet in the boardroom where NOBODY will be fired. Instead, each team will present its strategy and results to identify key success factors and best practices. Debriefing and application exercises will help you take what you have learned and how to apply it when you return to work.

    Sample Projects

    Visexecutaries can be executed with business related or charity projects including:

  • Marketing events
  • B2B Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Pop-up Events
  • Product launches
  • Client Appreciation Event
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • One or flash sales
  • Fundraisers
  • Professional development, coaching or mentoring projects

  • Our blog posts on the side menu give examples of excellent projects (including videos) that would be perfect for Visexecutaries.

    All profits generated through team projects will be donated to local charities.

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    Giving Back to the Community


    A Few Examples


    Through their Visexecutaries projects and charity BBQs at their retail outlets during the project, EPICPCS teams raised funds for:

  • "Save the Train" fund in Guymon, Oklahoma
  • Stepping Stone Shelter in Liberal, Kansas
  • Miguel Giner, a highly respected social worker in Liberal's Hispanic community who required medical assistance.


    Full video from this progrqamme available. Access available for companies making serious inquiries.



  • Malaysia

    With the profits generated through their projects, delegates in various sessions of Visexecutaries have:

  • raised RM 1,647 for the National Kidney Foundation
  • raised RM 2,311 for the National Kidney Foundation




    In Ain al Shockna, sales executives from GSK (Saudi Arabia) coached two business owners in a souk to finetune their sales skills, designed and executed marketing events, and boosted the revenue of both businesses.


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    Brainstorming &
    Business Tools

  • Idea Chains
  • Mind Maps
  • Storyboards
  • Priority Grids

  • Corporate Landscape Analyzer
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Cause/Effect Fishbones
  • Flow Charts (Not reviewed)

  • These effective but simple tools are intended to give team members a common frame of reference and assist teams by simplifying analysis of complex situations particularly during tight timeframes.

    If your team is already familiar with these tools and using them on a regular basis, we can substitute with other tools.

    Alternatively, we can make the session process focused rather than tool focused. This will involve additional costs as we will require one observer/assistant facilitator per team to observe and provide feedback about group dynamics during team challenges.

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    Luxury Upgrades Available

    Depending on your budget, we can add upscale elements to this team building simulation by offering significant rewards to the teams that succesfully executes each reward challenge.

    Other upgrades possible include:

  • Gourmet cooking challenge
  • Afternoon Tea
  • VIP Table at Polo
  • Sample Pricing

    Canada & USA:

  • $310 Per Person (for 25)
  • $4,200 - $6,500 (10 - 20)

  • Other locations, please contact us for customized rates

    Each team will need to have a project budget. Venue and space in marketing channels will need to be added to the budget and pre-booked in advance. Prizes will be provided based on the budget you allocate for them.

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