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Virtual Team Building

Without a strategy, technology, virtual happy hours, & video games can’t improve team harmony.

Our virtual team building simulations help executives:

  • build cohesive virtual teams
  • reduce dysfunctional team dynamics
  • foster innovation to thrive in the midst of turbulence
  • brainstorm with team members to identify hidden business opportunities

Executive Oasis International will customize or custom design virtual team building on the platform of your choosing whether it’s MeetinVR, Virtway, Second Life, Bluescape, Zoom, InEvent, or your own virtual office.

We specialize in bespoke team building custom-crafted to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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What is Virtual Team Building – Virtual Team Building

What is virtual team building?

Are you a corporate executive or an entrepreneur struggling to produce results despite successive waves of COVID-19, lockdowns, and remote work teams?

Many organizations are using use virtual happy hours & video games as a substitute for team building. This is unfortunate as, while recreation can provide a welcome distraction, technology alone and “fun” can’t resolve business issues or improve team effectiveness.

Group Size: 6 – 20

Delivery Options:

Face-to-Face: 1 1/2 Days

Virtual: Four 2-hour weekly sessions *

Lemons to Lemonade: Squeezing Opportunities Out of Adversity When Business Goes Sour

The fallout from COVID-19 will continue for the foreseeable future.

Our brand-new virtual team building simulation guides your team through the process of transforming your business to thrive during a time of turbulence and uncertainty.


Group Size: 6 – 20

In view of COVID-19, we’ve suspended our face-to-face cooking team building to ensure the safety of our clients.

Delivery Options:

Virtual: Two 2 1/2-hour sessions (weekly)

Face-to-Face: 1 1/2 – 1 1/2 Days (Post Covid-19)


  • Break down silos.
  • Improve Cross-functional Teamwork
  • Help analytical and technical teams tap into their creativity.
  • Learn to produce results in a short time frame.

How it works: A professional Facilitator will:

  • Set the context
  • Debrief the experience focusing on the key ingredients for your team
    to thrive in a virtual environment
  • Business application exercises will focus on specific improvements to
    team interaction based on lessons gleaned from the simulation.

Cooking Challenges:

Option One: Participant should read Option One: Participants

Option Two:

  • We’ll introduce your team to a suite of brainstorming
    & planning tools.
  • Teach team will come up with a theme, signature dishes,
    & recipe for one dish.
  • Professional chefs at a catering service will prepare the dishes
    in a safe environment and deliver them to the members of your
    team for session two.
  • The chefs will judge the dishes and select a winner.

Virtual Reality

For teams working remotely, virtual reality can be delivered via cloud-based platforms like Sansar, which was originally developed by Linden Labs, the brainpower behind Second Life. Sansar brings participants together in a 3D virtual reality platform.

Only in Toronto, we are pleased to announce that we can now add virtual reality experiences for teams into any of our facilitated business team building simulations.

For groups of up to 20 participants, we can offer VR on-site or off-site just North of Toronto.

Here are just 2 examples. As this technology evolves, we will add more experiences and locations.

If you are interested in a custom designed VR simulation as part of team building, we would be happy to work with your team and an alliance partner who specializes in this technology. Budget must be high and ample lead time will be needed for development.

Contact us for details.

…nearly one-third of hiring managers reported that reduced team cohesion has been an issue with remote work.

BNN Bloomberg

What our Clients Say About Us

Virtual Team Building

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS, Elkhart, Kansa

The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team.

Bob Boaldin
Founder/CEO, EPICPCS, Elkhart, Kansa

Michael Waterfield, Vice-President, Xerox Canada

Great selection of contests, right combination of competition and fun….provided a great opportunity for teambuilding in a fun and semi-competitive environment. It was very professionally organized.

Michael Waterfield
Vice-President, Xerox Canada

Akhtar Zahid General Manager Blue Nile Dairy Company Ltd. The Dal Group of Companies (Sudan)

We had a great time and took away a number of good learnings. I have no hesitation in recommending Executive Oasis International to any interested companies.

Akhtar Zahid
General Manager, Blue Nile Dairy Company Ltd. The Dal Group of Companies (Sudan)

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