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Global Business & Economic Challenges

Commodity-exporting emerging market and developing economies have struggled to adapt to lower prices for oil and other key commodities.

According to the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects Report, as commodity prices stabilize, global economic growth is projected to increase to 3% by 2018. Growth is expected for regions with a large number of commodity importers, while a decline in economic performance is expected in regions where there are a sizable number of exporters.

Recent changes in the geo-political landscape in the USA, Europe, and New Zealand and Brexit on the horizon have ushered in a period of uncertainty.

Executives around the globe are facing the challenge of:

  • fostering innovation in an increasingly competitive global economy
  • charting a course in the face of change and uncertainty
  • managing fast-paced, rapidly growing organizations
  • breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork

Yet, many executive retreats end up being a waste of time. Executives are busy and they need to feel that they leave the retreat with value for their time they have invested.


How we can Help

At Executive Oasis International, we don't use a "canned" approach to executive retreats. We reverse engineer solutions to achieve your desired outcomes. A brief conversation with your sponsoring executive will help us pinpoint and design the optimal solution to deliver desired results within the scope of your budget. Every executive who will be attending completes a Participant Profile and mini-learning styles inventory so that we can deliver content that is of value. (There is no point in covering what your executive team already knows.)

Since 1996, Executive Oasis International, a Toronto team building and management consulting firm, has had a strong track record in helping rapidly changing organizations from 18 countries:

  • Design & execute innovative strategies to improve their competitive position.
  • Chart and respond proactively to trends to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Identify and tap into emerging market niches to replace areas of decline.
  • Break down silos and improve cross-functional communication.
  • Manage growth, change and uncertainty.


We welcome executives from all executive forums, masterminds, and peer advisory groups including Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), and TEC Canada. We would be pleased to plan your executive retreats from start to finish.


  • We are a Toronto (Canada) based team building & management consulting firm.
  • ALL inquiries are handled from Toronto.
  • We do NOT specialize in activities that are strictly recreational.


The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team.

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS, Elkhart, Kansas

I admire the style in which the session was conducted and the manner certainly catalyzed active participation and discussions. The real eye opener was that all participants were required to apply in a real life situation; within a specific time frame; all relevant business principles.

Ooi Joo Hong, Deputy General Manager (Marketing), Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Anne worked with members of a Board of Directors and a group of 30+ participants composed of both the association's membership and clientele. Anne developed a creative, team building simulation....kept all in a good humour...and, most important, helped our flagging spirits and organization push forward to the next phase!

Laurie Blake, Governor General's Horse Guards Riding Club

We had a great time and took away a number of good learnings. I have no hesitation in recommending Executive Oasis International to any interested companies.

Akhtar Zahid, General Manager, Blue Nile Dairy Company Ltd., The Dal Group of Companies (Sudan)

Core messages I heard clearly: It's important to look at all information in order to make decisions in a very competitive market and during uncertainty.

Most Valuable Insights, Ideas or Concepts: Decision making tools like idea chains and storyboards that draw information in a systematic way and force fields that look at strengths and opposites.

Ihab Hinnawi, CEO, Batelco Jordan






Sample Simulations for Executive Retreats

  • Tips

    • Don't select your venue until you have set your objectives and determined the theme/approach with the facilitator.
    • Arrange for the group to arrive early to mid-afternoon the day before the retreat.
    • Alternatively, arrive early on the first day.
    • Arrange travel late on the last day to provide more wiggle room in the agenda.

    Luxury Upgrades

  • Global

    These simulations are available globally:

  • Canada


    • Viral Video DIY
  • USA

  • Caribbean

    Available in Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, Turks & Caicos, etc.

    Simulations that involve giving back to the local community.

  • Middle East

    Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Oman


  • Asia

    Malaysia & Thailand


    • Mountain Team Building
    • Winter Team Building
  • Pre: Suggested

    • Arrival Lunch or Tea
    • CEO Briefing - Organizational Challenges & Objectives
    • Team Briefing (by Facilitator) - Overview
    • Outdoor Challenges
    • Hotel Orientation
    • Free Time
    • Group Dinner

    Day 1:

    • Session Starter (in Trios)
    • CEO Briefing - Organizational Challenges & Objectives
    • Team Briefing (by Facilitator) - Links to Business
    • Industry & Business Landscape
    • Group Dynamics Case
    • Simulation (Facilitated Exercises & Outdoor Challenges)
    • Free Time
    • Cooking Challenge & Dinner

    Day 2:

    • Simulation (Facilitated Exercises & Outdoor Challenges)
    • Full Debriefing
    • Re-configure Teams
    • Business Application Exercises
    • Gala or Awards Dinner

    Day 3:

    • Business Application Exercises
    • Team Presentations
    • Business Meeting
    • Departure


Our Approach to Executive Retreats

Our step by step approach will guide you through the process of building a cohesive team.

First, we will have a discussion with the decision maker who has accontability for your executive retreat to uncover your business needs and challenges. Together, we will pinpoint the measurable results that you want to achieve. We'll find out about your corporate culture, group dynamics, and what has (and hasn't) worked in the past.

To ensure that our approach is the perfect fit for your team, we will gain input from all participants and assess the interaction and learning styles of each team member. (Participant Profiles and Mini Learning Styles surveys are included. If you wish, we can upgrade to the HBDI inventory.) Depending on your objectives, we can go a step further and add an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment instrument or 360° feedback tool to the process.

Then, we will customize one of our existing simulations (or custom design an approach) to address your specific business challenges and meet your objectives.

We have a range of flexible options. Whether you need an upscale, luxury setting to reward your team or a rugged adventure to challenge executive team members and encourage risk-taking, one of our existing simulations can be customized to meet your objectives. We also have the capacity to custom design simulations for your team.

To get "buy in" from all team members, we will provide presentation material for an executive briefing (presented by the most senior executive present, and conduct a team briefing at the beginning of your retreat to prepare your gorup and set the stage for their experience.

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Activities for Executive Retreats

Business related activities for executive retreats include:

  • designing, marketing and running pop-up events
  • designing and launching guerilla marketing campaigns
  • visits to luxury brands
  • benchmarking through interviews with executives from your industry in a another country
  • factory tours
  • mystery shopping

Our main goal is to deliver an experience that is relevant to business. While our executive retreats aren't just "corporate play days", to relax team members and break down barriers, we often include indoor and outdoor team challenges that fit the theme.

Depending on your budget, at some locations, we can incorporate energizers such as desert safaris, camel rides, dune buggy races, snow shoeing, dog sledding, outdoor barbeque challenges (rugged or gourmet), golf, polo clinics, polo games (spectator), horse riding, abseiling, hockey, and luxury car or motorcycle adventures into executive retreats.

Executive retreats often include have a gala dinner or a night of entertainment. While we are not an entertainment company, we have the capability to save you the legwork by creating a memorable experience that is a good fit for your team.



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