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For over 20 years, Anne Thornley-Brown has delivered upbeat, engaging, and HIGHLY interactive keynotes PACKED with business-related take-aways, tools, & strategies to thrive in the midst of change & uncertainty.

Anne has worked with corporate clients from 19 countries in a variety of industries including high technology, banking, wireless communications, pharma, transportation, and film & television.

Anne speaks English, French, and some Spanish.

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Fast Facts About Anne Thornley-Brown

Expertise: Anne is a keynote speaker and facilitator of executive retreats, team building, and meetings to help rapidly changing organizations survive, thrive, and grow even in the midst of turbulence. She has worked with corporate clients from 19 countries in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Anne is also a writer and professional actress. Anne’s acting credits include:

  • Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker with Octavia Spencer & Blair Underwood
  • Street Time with Giancarlo Esposito
  • Doc starring Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Degrassi Junior High
Virtual Keynote

Live & Virtual Keynotes

We specialize in Live & Virtual Keynotes for Conferences, Meetings, & Sales Rallies

  • Lemons to Lemonade: Squeezing Opportunities out of Adversity When Business Goes Sour
  • Spicing up Your Training., Conferences, & Meetings with Accelerated Learning
  • Versions: Reinventing Yourself – What can we Learn from the Reggae Industry
  • Connecting the Dots: Spotting Trends & Seizing Opportunities in the Midst of Turbulence
    • Recovery: Bouncing Back from Business, Health, & Personal Setbacks
  • Going Global: Seizing Opportunities in the International Marketplace
  • #metoo Sexual Exclusion vs Sexual Harassment: A Continuum
  • The Changing Face of Diversity in Business & the Media
  • Fostering Innovation in the Face of Accelerated Change
  • Finding Lost Family (Not Just for Caribbean Families)
  • B2B Social Media Marketing – It’s not a Magic Bullet
  • Taking the Plunge from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Building, Managing and Growing LinkedIn Groups
  • What Real Team Building Looks Like
  • Be an Original…not a Photocopy
Others – Clients


Here are a few of the clients for which Anne Thornley-Brown has delivered interactive keynotes or facilitated conference breakout session:

  • Cvent Connect
  • Manulife Financial
  • Novo Nordisk Canada
  • First Fridays (Toronto)
  • The Fresh Conference (Virtual)
  • Center for Accelerated Learning (5 consecutive years)
  • Canadian Special Events Live
  • Canadian Institute of Management
  • MBA Women’s Day, York University
  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries (ICSA)
  • International Quality & Productivity Association
  • Ontario Library Association Annual Conference
  • Foundation for International Training (Delegation of Senior Directors from Municipalities in China)
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals (Toronto)
Have Heard Anne

Where You May Have Heard Anne

Anne Thornley-Brown, our owner, has been interviewed by various media outlets. Here are a few examples. If you missed them you can tune in:

Keep on Pushing with Devon Harris (Founding Member of Jamaica’s Bobsled Team):

Advancing Humanity with Charle Peck:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic and Business Innovation – How will businesses adapt?

Growth Expert Podcast:

The Reid Method Insider Podcast:


Phenomenal Woman:


CBC Radio One’s “The House”:

  • How Team Building Can Help the House of Commons

You can hear Anne around the 30:00 remark, right after Prime Minister Harper’s comments about trust building

A Personal Note

A Personal Note

Anne has a passion for genealogy and she has traced her family to Africa. She discovered that she is related to the Irish writer Bram Stoker (Dracula)

Anne is a resilient cancer survivor who has spearheaded her company’s recovery from 4 economic downturns`

…splashy tech keynotes and conferences can still take place at a time when we have no idea when there will be large in-person gatherings again.

CNN Business

What our Clients Say About Us


Nida Hamid, EMP Asia – Conference Producers (Malaysia)

One of a kind presenter and definitely knowledgeable and made the participants very much involved throughout the 2-day workshop. Pleasant and warm person to work with and always a pleasure to work with Anne.

Nida Hamid
EMP Asia – Conference Producers (Malaysia)

Miguel Gonsalves, Director, Continuous Learning TELUS Mobility

If you want boring, don’t call Anne.

Miguel Gonsalves
Director, Continuous Learning TELUS Mobility

David Meier Center for Accelerated Learning

You just keep getting better all the time. Your advice drawn from your experience, on how to hang in there and persist as learning revolutionaries, was a great message and very well received.

David Meier
Center for Accelerated Learning

Kimberlee Treleaven Manulife Financial (Toronto)

The February Blahs often cause moods to plummet and morale to slump. We asked Anne to come and do a motivational piece about stress-busting and making the most of your life at work, and she delivered a colourful, upbeat presentation that took our participants on a Jamaican Getaway! Using reggae music, travel videos, vibrant colour and fun activities, Anne helped our staff to see different ways to beat the blahs and regain positive energy at work. Her enthusiasm, willingness to have fun and simple but effective words of wisdom helped make our meeting a success.

Kimberlee Treleaven
Manulife Financial (Toronto)

T. Saravanan, Chief Event Officer, FIK International (Malaysia)

We have collaborated and organized over ten workshops for executives, managers and professionals in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India). Anne is truly an expert on her subject matter and gives her heart and soul…. Her sessions have attracted a lot of multinational companies. We further concluded several in house workshops in Malaysia namely with OCBC bank, Permodalan Nasional Berhad and Penang Port.

T. Saravanan
Chief Event Officer, FIK International (Malaysia)

Phil Russo Canadian Institute of Management, (Toronto)

Anne Thornley-Brown is an OUTSTANDING keynote speaker! I first met Anne when she was the first-rate speaker at the Canadian Institute of Management’s AGM in Toronto… Anne’s passion was clearly demonstrated in her presentation, which was informative, well organized, energetic, and well delivered. We received an extremely positive response rating from the highly engaged capacity audience. If you want your next event to be a huge success, hire Anne Thornley-Brown!

Phil Russo
Canadian Institute of Management, (Toronto)

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