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Anne Thornley-Brown, M.B.A., Blogger & Our President

Anne Thornley-Brown, President of Executive Oasis International, is a professional team building and meeting facilitator, OD specialist, keynote speaker, and well respected blogger.

To create compelling blog posts, Anne draws on her business experience serving corporate clients from 19 countries and her travel to 24 countries.

Anne has assumed personal responsibility for creating engaging content for the Executive Oasis International blog portfolio since it was unveiled in 2008. (She launched Spice of the Month: Accelerated Learning, her first ezine, for our sister company in 1997. Ezines eventually evolved into blogs.)

Anne’s blog posts were so well received that she soon started receiving professional blogging engagements from editors.

Given the market uncertainties, companies relying on conventional wisdom may discover that the world they knew and want to recreate is no longer there…the way in which leaders created plans and playbooks in the past may no longer be relevant…

Anne Thornley-Brown, President
Executive Oasis International

What our Clients Say About Us


Kristi Casey Sanders, CMM, CMP Senior Director of Community Engagement MPI

Anne Thornley-Brown is a skilled writer/speaker and community builder whose distinctive voice tells important and thought-provoking stories our industry needs to consider.

Kristi Casey Sanders
CMM, CMP Senior Director of Community Engagement MPI

Teri Hardin, Destinations Marketing Editor, Cvent (USA)

Anne’s Event Blog timely, thoughtful content is frequently on the cutting edge of meetings industry issues. However, she doesn’t neglect our fledgling planner audience; she provides many “how-to” features that provide insight into everyday meeting logistics.

Teri Hardin
Destinations Marketing Editor, Cvent (USA)

Michael Pinchera Senior Editor, MPI

Anne’s insight, professionalism and ability to conjure up and write unique stories has, for years, resulted in thought-provoking, quality content for both the Plan Your Meetings blog and print publications. I always enjoy working with her.

Michael Pinchera
Senior Editor, MPI

Bob Vaez President, EventMobi

I truly appreciate our relationship and your time creating content for EventMobi. Our staff have had great feedback reading your content

Bob Vaez
President, EventMobi

Julus Solaris Event Manager Blog

Anne is a forward-thinking event professional at the forefront of trends and best practices in events. Her expertise in virtual events precedes the pandemic. She has been at the forefront of virtual event team building and virtual event planning. She is also a skilled writer and community manager as well as an influential professional in the meetings and events community.

Julus Solaris
Event Manager Blog

Corporate Team Building Blog

Team Building Destinations Blog

Focus: This blog has a personal touch. Anne started it to capture her experiences and photos from around the world. Her travel to 24 countries so far have definitely shaped her approach to team building and corporate event planning. Anne invites readers to follow her journey and pick up ideas for destinations to host executive retreats.

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