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Survive, Thrive & Grow Even in the Midst of Turbulence

Organizational Change Agents & Meeting Facilitators Toronto, Dubai

Your Challenges

Anne Thornley-BrownDuring periods of economic turbulence and organizational change, it often feels as if you're moving at such a fast pace that there is little time to get your team together to re-charge their batteries, generate innovative, breakthrough strategies to take your organization to the next level. Planning takes time and it must be worked into your plan or it just won't happen.

Our expert facilitators are organizational change agents. We'll guide your executive and management teams and help you look at your organization's strengths and challenges with fresh eyes. Our organizational change process ensures that you leave executive meetings, brainstorming sesions, executive retreats, team building, and strategy sessions, focused, invigorated, and ready to seize opportunities and tackle the challenges of a fast-paced environment.

Meeting at thr Oasis

Oasis = A Place of Calm & Growth in the Midst of Turbulence.

An oasis is a place to get refreshed, re-energized and re-charge your batteries before you continue your journey. Since 1996, Executive Oasis International, a Toronto based consulting firm in operation specializes in team building, executive retreats and meeting facilitation has helped corporate teams from 18 countries re-chart their course and resolve SPECIFIC business issues and challenges.

We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.


How We're Unique

Our expert facilitation and POWERFUL team building simulations help teams thrive in the midst of the turbulence that often accompanies accelerated change.

Team members walk away with SPECIFIC tools to navigate their way through change and WIN!



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Our meeting and team building facilitators will help you design and execute strategies to:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve decision making
  • Prepare teams for a merger
  • Seize opportunities for growth
  • Identify new sources of revenue
  • Boost your brainstorming power
  • Break out of the fire-fighting mode
  • Design & implement a turnaround strategy
  • Equip team members with the tools to thrive in a
              fast paced environment
  • Amplify team power through understanding team member
              interaction styles
  • Tap into new market niches for your products and services

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    Who We've Helped

    Team BuildingWe have designed and implemented customized solutions for organizations from 16 countries (e.g. Canada, USA, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica ,United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Sudan, South Africa) in a variety of industries including:

  • Wireless Communications Firms
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High Technology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Banking
  • Airlines
  • Transportation


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    How we Can Help

    Team BuildingDuring each on or off-site meeting, we will introduce your team to "just in time" strategies, tools, and techniques that they can use to resolve future issues and challenges.

    We're available to organize and facilitate team building, executive meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project management meetings. We will custom design and facilitate stimulating and powerful sessions based on your organization's specific challenges and business issues.

    Each session will be unique and tailored to meet your desired goals. Depending on your requirements and corporate culture, these sessions may include:

  • Simulations
  • Unconferences
  • Problem Solving Exercises
  • Brainstorming
  • Team Challenges
  • Energizers

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    Areas of Focus

    Our organizational change agents and expert facilitators can focus on:

  • Change Management Strategies
  • Bringing 2 Teams Together After a Merger
  • Cost Cutting Strategies
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Strategies for High Growth
  • Strategies for Managing Growth
  • Project Team Management
  • Strategies to Boost Team Spirit
  • Strategies for Building a Diverse Team
  • Key Talent Retention
  • Talent Development
  • SWOT Analysis


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    Meet Our Senior Facilitator & President

    Anne Thornley-BrownAnne Thornley-Brown is the President and founder of Executive Oasis International. She has a solid track record as an organizational change consultant and team building facilitator.

    Anne has worked with executives, managers and professionals from 18 countries (Canada, USA, Jamaica, Dominica, Barbados, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Africa, and Sudan).

    She has travelled to 24 countries and toured Asia 18 times to deliver sessions to over 2000 executives, managers, and professionals.

    Anne has shared our powerful strategies in blogs for Plan Your Meetings by MPI, Event Manager Blog, Elite Meetings, EventMobi, Cvent and Huffington Post. She is active on social media.


  • Group Owner, International Team Building Network for Executives, members from 30+ countries

  • Group Manager, Event Planning & Management Group, 150,000+ Members


    More About Anne Thornley-Brown

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    Meeting Facilitation Tips

    Our Senior Facilitator, President and Founder generously shares some of the strategies we use to design and facilitate highly interactive and effective meetings and team building. This will give you an idea of the depth and ground-breaking strategies we will bring to your meetings.

  • Business Meetings and Conferences: Of What Value Is a Packed Agenda?
  • Checklist for Effective Year-End Team Meetings and Kick-offs
  • Organizing Pop-up Meetings: 4 Keys to Success
  • 17 Tips for Designing Shorter Meetings Without Short-Changing Attendees
  • 8 Keys to Integrating Emerging Technology into Meetngs & Events
  • Catering to Diverse Learning Styles
  • Catering to Analytical and Structured Learners
  • Catering to Kinesthetic and Visual Learners
  • Setting Realistic Meeting Agendas and Timeframes
  • Keeping Agendas on Track on Track
  • 12 Tips to Get Your Meeting Back on Track

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