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Survive, Thrive & Grow Even in the Midst of Turbulence


Team Building

Facilitated Business Team Building for Rapidly Changing Organizations

  • Arctic Team BuildingWant to generate new ideas and success strategies to fuel your growth?
  • Need to improve the ability of your team to succeed in a fast-paced environment?
  • Need to break down silos and improve cross functional teamwork?
  • Need to boost morale and encourage employees to "stay the course" in the midst of turbulence?

  • Executive Oasis International is a Toronto based consulting firm that specializes in executive retreats and business team building simulations to help rapidly changing organizations survive, thrive and grow even in the midst of turbulence. We'll plan your team building session or executive retreat from start to finish and facilitate it expertly. We offer a number of highly effective team building simulations all over the world. Based on your objectives, we'll help you select the right programme and setting for your team from our range of business simulations.

    We deliver MUCH more value than just a day of fun away from the office.


    How We're Unique

    Most team building programmes on the market include just a 1 hour "debriefing session".

    Our clients deserve better. We devote 1/3 - 1/2 of team building to debriefing and business application exercises that are directly relevant to your SPECIFIC business issues and challenges.


  • What "Real" Team Building Looks Like

  • Is Corporate Team Building a Waste of Time?

  • Team Building is not a Half Day Event

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    Who We've Helped

    Our clients have included Holt Renfrew, Bell Mobility, EPICPCS (USA), Mayhew & Associates, Rogers Communications, Batelco (Bahrain), TELUS Mobility, TELUS, Mister Safety Shoes, Sidra Capital (Saudi Arabia), Novo Nordisk Canada, GSK (Saudi Arabia), Thomson Reuters (Dubai), EMD Serono, McKinssey (Dubai), Sitter City (USA), CIBC, Grant Thornton, Manulife Financial, Blue Nile Dairy (Sudan), Royal Bank, Bank of Dominica, OCBC Bank (Malaysia)

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    Team Building

    At Executive Oasis International, our team building will help you:

  • Foster a climate that encourages open communication and sharing of ideas.
  • Break down silos and improve teamwork between cross-functional teams.
  • Strengthen relationships between members of geographically dispersed teams.
  • Detect and respond effectively to shifts in your market;
  • Identify new target markets & sources of revenue.
  • Reduce red tape and streamline processes.
  • Boost morale during turbulent times.

  • The best news of all is that your team will have fun doing it.

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    Our Effective Team Building Approach

    Team Building

    Our team building integrates expert business facilitation with recreational team challenges to break down barriers, stunning venues, and group activities. The result?

    Your team will return to work energized, invigorated and with REAL tools and strategies to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

    Our team building is upbeat and fun but we are consultants and facilitators, not recreational service providers.

    Our team building is BOTH
    memorable AND practical.

    Business Events Turn Practical


    Team Building

    We have earned a reputation for designing and delivering top quality team building with a creative touch. For this reason, companies also call us in when they want to pull out all the stops and find stunning settings and unforgettable experiences to reward top performers and dazzle top tier clients.

    Anne has also blogged regularly for Huffington Post, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, EventMobi, Event Manager Blog, and Elite Meetings.

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    What we Offer

    Team Building

    Few senior management teams can afford to invest time, money or energy in team building that adds little in terms of bottom line value. That's where we come in.

    Our core services are team building facilitation and management consulting. We integrate our expert business facilitation with engaging indoor and outdoor recreational team challenges to keep your team energized and create effective business team building simulations.

    After an in-depth debriefing, we re-configure your teams and assign a SPECIFIC business issue, challenge or opportunity to each team. The rest of the team building retreat is devoted to:

  • analyzing your business issues using the tools and strategies acquired during team building
  • an opportunity for teams to make brief presentations the results of their analysis and proposed solutions
  • your business agenda items
  • next steps and a follow up planning to be implemented when your team returns to the office

  • We offer facilitated team building in 3 formats:

  • Team Building: 1/2 to 2 Days (On or Off-site)
  • Team Building Retreats: 2 Days (Off-site)
  • Executive Retreats 2 1/2 to 4 Days (Off-site)

  • To stretch their budgets, some teams conduct part of the retreat on-site at their company premises.

    In short, use as little or as much of our service as you require.

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    What we Don't Offer

    Most of our clients come from fast-paced, rapidly changing organizations. Teams face the challenge of making decisions and producing results in tight timeframes. For this reason, our aim is to help you avoid analysis paralysis.

    For this reason, by design we don't use highly analytical tools, financial analysis and models. We aim to cut through the complexity and give teams tools that promote a common understanding of the dynamics at play. Therefore, if you are seeking detailed and rigourous analytical tools and complex financial models, our approach would not be a good fit for you.

    Our focus is on innovation and using tools that will help executives, managers and sales professionals from fast-paced organizations:

  • get a clear view of the lay of the land to determine priorities
  • spot emerging trends in your marketplace
  • engage in course correction to keep abreast of marketplace developments

  • We'll help you identify obstacles, challenges, and opportunities to chart your course and take action when it is required.

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    Flexible Team Building Options

    Team Building

    We offer a range of team building options to cater to the needs of companies with budgets at various levels:

  • Gold: Fully facilitated team building simulations incorporating business related team building exercises with recreational team challenges (e.g. outdoor activities, cooking challenges, etc.) to relax team members and break down barriers

  • Silver: Fully facilitated business team building simulations delivered on-site PLUS 1/2 day - 1 day of off site recreational team challenges that reflect the simulation theme.

  • Bronze: On-site or off-site team building without outdoor recreational team challenges. The theme will be reflected through video, props and visuals. (The budget will be lower as recreational facilitators will not be needed.)

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    Give Back to the Community

    After the Wall Street meltdown, companies were criticized in the media for takng employees on luxury incentives in a tough economy. If a company is struggling or has accepted public funding, the criticism has some merit. If a company is doing well despite a tough climate, this type of thinking is short sighted. Your team deserves to be rewarded for its efforts

    How can one expect the economy to recover if eveyone cuts back on spending? Do your part by giving back to the community, rewarding your team and helping the economy.

    Why not take things a step further and give your team the truly rewarding experience of fiving back to the community. Long before corporate social responsibility was a buzz word, our clients have raised funds for the National Kidney Foundation in Malaysia, a mountain village in Oman, a Hispanic social worker with medical needs in Kansas, a women's shelter in Kansas, the Save the Train fund in Oklahoma, and more.

    Your team can assemble toy hampers, cook for a shelter in Canada, provide a meal and share it with a mountain village in Oman, assemble and provide uniforms, books, computers, and school supplies for children in Jamaica, and raise funds for a local charity at any destination through one of our powerful simulations.

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    Experience the
    Local Culture

    Why travel half way across the world to lie on the beach and sit at the bar? You may as well stay close to home at a fraction of the cost.

    Give your team an opportunity to move beyond just another day on the beach. Experience the local culture and the traditional lifestyle of the local people. Learn about the history of the country.

    This experience will help your team develop a better sense of the needs of their international clients and multi-cultural markets back home.

    Spend the night in a Bedouin style camp in Dubai. Go on a jungle safari in Malaysia. Have lunch with a family in their mountain village in Oman. Visit the Maroons in Jamaica. Go off the beaten track and explore small villages in the hils of Jamaica from the back of a motorcycle.

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