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How Team Building can Help

That is where real team building can help. While the term “team building” has been co-opted and used to market everything from paintball to painting wine glasses, real team building is much more powerful. Corporate play days do have a role to play but they don’t generate solutions to the day-to-day challenges that organizations face during periods of uncertainty. Facilitated team building can:

  • break down silos
  • enhance cross-functional teamwork
  • generate new approaches to attracting and retaining customers
  • forge stronger alliances between geographically dispersed teams
  • reduce friction and “turf wars” between team members and departments.

Unfortunately, the temptation is to put team building on hold when times are tough and replace it with strictly recreational events when companies are doing well. That is like cutting back on spending for repairs when your car acts up and failing to do preventative maintenance.

Approaching team building as an isolated event or a social tacked onto a meeting won’t produce desired results. Depending on the degree of corporate stress a company is experiencing, executives can opt for:

  • a series of facilitated team building sessions to tackle organizational challenges head-on
  • business simulations that create a parallel universe to help team members perceive organizational realities from a fresh perspective

Either way, the keys to success include:

  • equipping team members with the tools and strategies they need to succeed
  • follow-up

Teams won’t get that out of 2 hours of ziplining.

What steps can executive teams take to manager corporate stress and lead their organizations and effectively during times of uncertainty?

An oasis is a place of calm and growth in the midst of turbulence.

Executive Oasis International specializes in helping companies thrive in the midst of turbulence. Contact us today and we will be pleased to help your team design and implement strategies to “stay the course” during periods of uncertainty.

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