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Visexecutaries: Apprentice Inspired Business Team Building Simulation

Survive, Thrive, & Grow Even in the Midst of Turbulence

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape

Visexecutaries = Visionary Executives

Our global economy has experienced unprecedented change and economic turbulence, accelerated by the fallout from COVID-19.

This powerful, facilitated business team building simulation helps executives:

  • spot & react proactively to emerging market trends
  • design & execute marketing & sales initiatives
    (e.g. guerilla marketing, pop events, viral videos)
  • break free from outdated paradigms
  • fine-tune your marketing & sales

We have incorporated new strategies and tools tat Executive Oasis International found to be effective in bouncing back from FOUR economic downturns.


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Overview - Visexecutaries


Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape

Group Size: 6 – 20

Delivery Options: Face-to-Face: 3 – 4+ Days

Virtual: Four 1 ½ – 2 hours sessions *

Visexecutaries = Visionary Executives

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape is an Apprentice inspired team building simulation for times of turbulence, change and uncertainty.

Teams design and launch an actual product or service.

Teams meet in the boardroom to present their strategy and results.



  • Waves of Turbulence
  • Paradigm Shift
  • The Toolkit:
    • For participants unfamiliar with the suite of brainstorming and planning tools
  • The Challenge
  • The Plan *
  • The Execution *
  • Debriefing Prep. *
  • The Boardroom
    • Debriefing
    • Executive Think Tank with Business Application Exercises
    • Blueprint Formulation

…as coronavirus circles the globe, it is CEOs who’ve emerged as true leaders delivering real innovation in real time to confront the pandemic Top business leaders…(have) dropped competition-driven decision-making in exchange for collective innovation.

Reinventing on a global scale means pooling everyone’s ingenuity…


What our Clients Say About Us


Marc C. A. Berwald, Director, Learning & Development, Bell Mobility (Toronto)

Creativity and innovation are Anne’s trademarks. Her writing, design, facilitation and accelerated learning skills enable her to become involved in many initiatives including writing and designing presentations and speeches for members of the executive team.

Marc C. A. Berwald
Director, Learning & Development / Bell Mobility (Toronto)

David Peterson, Executive Director, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

… empowered us to find unique and effective solutions within a collaborative environment.

David Peterson

Patrick C. Charles, Manager – Operations & Initiatives Operations Service Centre – Toronto Royal Bank of Canada

The comments were very positive….you kept the enthusiasm and energy of the group at a high level…. we walked away with some great new ideas and the day was a success! Much appreciated….

Patrick C. Charles
Manager – Operations & Initiatives Operations Service Centre / Toronto Royal Bank of Canada

Mark Wakefield, Vice President, Xerox Canada

…provided a great opportunity for teambuilding in a fun and semi-completive environment. It is very professionally organized.

Mark Wakefield
Vice President / Xerox Canada

Anu Holt, Reporting Analyst, Rogers Communication

Fantastic – lots of fun. Everything was great. Everyone had a great time getting to know each other.

Anu Holt
Reporting Analyst / Rogers Communication

Ann deCasseres, Manager, Corporate Sales, Bell Mobility

Thank you for your assistance in developing a customized programme for new hires or internal transfers into the corporate account arena. The feedback from your sessions with team members was extremely useful, it helped up size the gap between staff expectations and what we are delivering and allowed us to identify, and focus on opportunities for improvement.

Ann deCasseres
Manager, Corporate Sales / Bell Mobility

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape

In this Apprentice inspired team building simulation teams design and launch an actual product or service.

Projects can involve:

  • flash sales
  • pop-up events
  • charity initiatives
  • guerilla marketing events
  • shooting & launching a viral video

Best practices are highlighted and prizes are awarded but nobody gets fired.

* = In the virtual version, in addition to the virtual sessions, participants
meet in teams between the virtual sessions to finish planning
& executing their strategy.

Why This Simulation was Created

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape is a powerful

business simulation was initially designed in 2003 as a response to economic crisis triggered by SARS from SARS in Asia and Toronto.

It was custom designed at the request of Asian clients who were facing significant challenges in recovering from SARS.

This business team building simulation has been updated in response to the new challenges presented by COVID-19.

Waves of Turbulence

Our global economy has experienced an unprecedented rate of change and turbulence, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some sectors are in decline while others are emerging. In the midst of turbulence, organizations face new challenges and opportunities.

Paradigm Shift

To survive, thrive and grow in our turbulent economy, even well-established corporations have had to invent new ways of doing business.

A paradigm shift involves:

  • re-imagining products & services
  • re-shaping your marketing & sales strategy
  • modifying supply chains and distribution networks
  • pivoting to deliver your products & service in new ways.

….and even forging alliances with competitors.


  • Executive Briefing:
    • Pinpoint specific challenges your team & organization face.
  • Connecting the Dots:
    • Identify emerging trends & threats.
  • Models for Innovation
  • Lemons to Lemonade Challenge
    • Context setting with links to business
    • Mixology Challenge
    • Debriefing
  • Brainstorming Toolkit:
    • Idea Chains
    • Mind Maps
    • Storyboards

Analysis & Planning Toolkit

  • SWOT Analysis:
  • Supply Chain Mapping:
    • Systems Map of your current situation from supply chain to service/product delivery.
  • Inventory Turnover Analysis
  • Receivable Chain Analysis
  • Flow Charts:
    • Identify process improvement opportunities.
    • Design improved process.
  • Force field analysis:
    • Assess the viability of your plan of action.
  • Presentations of recommendations with storyboards.
  • Full Debriefing
  • Business Application exercises