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Igniting Creative Sparks for Over Two Decades.

Anne Thornley-Brown, Writer, Screenwriter, & Novelist

Anne Thornley-Brown, co-writer of West Indians in Toronto Implications for Helping Professionals, is an emerging screenwriter, and novelist.

Anne has been a regular writer for a number of portals including HuffPost, Plan Your Meetings by MPI, Event Manager Blog, & EventMobi Blog.

Anne was the only blogger on the planet to write for Cvent Blog daily.

Anne’s work as a professional social worker and family therapist has given her a deep insight into the dynamics of Jamaican families that are reflected in her work.


Anne Thornley-Brown

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Fast Facts About Anne Thornley-Brown

Anne Thornley-Brown, MSW, MBA  is

Anne has facilitated executive retreats, team building, & workshops for corporate clients from 19 countries including Canada, USA, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sudan, and South Africa. Anne has toured Asia 18 times

Anne was born in Jamaica and raised in Montreal. She has travelled to 24 countries.

Chesterfield Caress

A Chesterfield Caress

Concept: Roots Meets Sense & Sensibility’s Willoughby in Jamaica

Genre: Historical Fiction

A CHESTERFIELD CARESS, an 83,000-word historical romance novel, is inspired by the complex relationship between two of my ancestors.

Under Jamaica’s tropical skies, passion ignites between Eliza Wall, an enslaved biracial laundress, and Richard, the rakish son of Captain Thomas Thornley of Lancashire.

When Richard’s crushing infidelity creates a love quadrangle, Eliza fears she can no longer trust him to keep his promise to purchase her freedom from her enslaver.

Eliza’s resilience and Richard’s shot at redemption shape the destiny of future generations.

Captain Thomas Thornley’s other descendants include the children of actor Blair Underwood, focus3dots, a multi-platinum Grammy award-winning music producer Bram Stoker, the Irish author of Dracula.

Beeston Street

55 Beeston Street: The Saga of a Jamaican Family

Logline: Roots Meets Downton Abbey in Jamaica

Genre: Period Drama

Format: 3 Seasons (Pilot plus Six 1-hour episodes per season)

Captain Thomas Thornley of Lancashire is exasperated by his youngest sons. 23-year-old Richard and 18-year-old Ralph are spending too many nights getting inebriated at the Angel Pub in Derbyshire.

Captain Thornley makes the tough decision to send Richard and Ralph to work as bookkeepers on the Chesterfield Estate in Vere, Jamaica. “I hope it will make men of you.” He tells them.

Upon arrival at Chesterfield, their horse-drawn cart passes, Eliza Wall, a stunning, 25-year-old enslaved biracial laundress, gracefully balancing a container of water on her head, Richard is smitten. The attraction between Richard and Eliza is instant. A deep bond develops between them and she is soon “with child”. Richard vows to purchase her freedom from her enslaver.

The couple faces many obstacles including Richard’s infidelity and his descent into slave ownership. Their ability to overcome these obstacles shapes the destiny of future generations.

55 Beeston Street: The Saga of a Jamaican Family, is a TV series tracing the Thornley family across 6 generations from England to Jamaica, Ireland, Panama, Haiti, Cuba, USA, Canada, and back again.

Screen Plays

Back A Yard

Genre: Coming of Age Story

Era: Summer of 1972

Logline: 16-year-old Amanda Clarke returns to Jamaica in search of love but finds herself instead.

“Back a Yard” means “back home” in Jamaican patois.

It’s the spring of 1972, a few weeks before high school graduation. A Naïve, 16-year-old, Jamaican-born Amanda confronts the painful realities of racial prejudice for the first time.

No one at her predominantly White school has invited Amanda to the prom. She also faces racial discrimination when hunting for a summer job. These experiences confuse Amanda and make her wonder where she belongs.

He family returns to Jamaica for a vacation. In Jamaica, Amanda blossoms. She instinctively feels at home. Due to her lack of familiarity with Jamaican society, Amanda makes numerous social blunders and finds herself in many humorous and some compromising situations.

Through the influence of her grandmother and her friendship with her cousins, Amanda learns that there is a lot more to being Jamaican than having a certain accent. in Montreal where she was raised
Amanda emerges as a more mature and confident young woman with a strong sense of identity, purpose and direction.

Seasonal Sisters

Seasonal Sisters

Logline: Sense & Sensibility Meets Mean Girls

Genre: Family Drama

Format: TV Series (Pilot plus 6 episodes)

Era: Contemporary (1960s to Present)

Sense & Sensibility x Mean Girls x Never Far From Nowhere

Jamaican-born Darlene Dashwood and her younger sister, Cerise, could not be more different. Ciara is emotional and artistic while Cerise is analytical and scientific.

Up until their late teens, they are close. As they cope in different ways with racial prejudice and the inevitable hurts and disappointments of life, they drift apart.

After the passing of their Jamaican father, their Jamaican mother is diagnosed with Dementia. While their relationship is cordial, Ciara and Cerise struggle to work as a team, make joint decisions about her welfare, and plan for her extended care.


Seasonal Sisters is also a 96,700-word women’s fiction.

There is a second civil-rights movement underway, and it’s far more diverse than the first one.. for publishing, that gives us an opportunity because people are more open … than they have been to learning about people of color and our unique experiences…for authors, there’s a huge opportunity there to help educate the public.

In this era of Covid, and in this era of racial reckoning… folks are looking for hope and for answers..

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What our Clients Say About Us


Kristi Casey Sanders, CMM, CMP Senior Director of Community Engagement MPI

Anne Thornley-Brown is a skilled writer/speaker and community builder whose distinctive voice tells important and thought-provoking stories our industry needs to consider.

Kristi Casey Sanders
CMM, CMP Senior Director of Community Engagement MPI

Teri Hardin, Destinations Marketing Editor, Cvent (USA)

Anne’s Event Blog timely, thoughtful content is frequently on the cutting edge of meetings industry issues. However, she doesn’t neglect our fledgling planner audience; she provides many “how-to” features that provide insight into everyday meeting logistics.

Teri Hardin
Destinations Marketing Editor, Cvent (USA)

Michael Pinchera Senior Editor, MPI

Anne’s insight, professionalism and ability to conjure up and write unique stories has, for years, resulted in thought-provoking, quality content for both the Plan Your Meetings blog and print publications. I always enjoy working with her.

Michael Pinchera
Senior Editor, MPI

Bob Vaez President, EventMobi

I truly appreciate our relationship and your time creating content for EventMobi. Our staff have had great feedback reading your content

Bob Vaez
President, EventMobi

Julus Solaris Event Manager Blog

Anne is a forward-thinking event professional at the forefront of trends and best practices in events. Her expertise in virtual events precedes the pandemic. She has been at the forefront of virtual event team building and virtual event planning. She is also a skilled writer and community manager as well as an influential professional in the meetings and events community.

Julus Solaris
Event Manager Blog

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