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Mountain Team Building for
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Survive, thrive, & grow even in the midst of turbulence.

Mountain Team Building: Facilitated Team Building for Executive Retreats

Mountain peaks and valleys combined with rugged terrain reflect the dramatic fluctuations of the global economy and stock markets. This volatility has been intensified by COVID-19.

Mountain team building, a lost in the mountains business simulation, equips executives and their teams with a suite of tools to:

  • work in harmony while working virtually
  • generate solutions to business challenges
  • chart their course in the face of change and uncertainty
  • identify new ways to package and market products & services

Available in Oman, USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and Malaysia

Mountain Team Building

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Encourage risk taking.

Fine-tune your marketing skills

Improve cohesion between geographically dispersed teams.

Equip your team for the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.

Improve your team’s ability to deal with uncertainty and tolerate ambiguity.

Introduce your team to a suite of simple but powerful tools for planning, decision making, and brainstorming in a fast-paced environment.

The Quest for the Silver Oryx, Oman

It was supposed to be the ultimate thrill of a lifetime, an abseiling adventure in the mountains

Your team just couldn’t resist going for it. A roller coaster ride up and down the rugged mountain trails in 4 x 4, lots of laughter, a sense of exhilaration… and you’re out of gas and LOST.

You’ve lost your money, your plane ticket, and your passports. All that you have left is the clothes on your back and the one luxury item you managed to sneak inside your gear.

Tired and hungry, you run into a goat herder who shows you where to trade the silver Oryx to buy gas a special craft or artifact.

You discover a beautiful oasis just over a mountain pass. It’s like a scene from the movie Lost Horizon…you’ve found your Shangri-la. You develop a strategy to market your craft and raise the money for the journey home.

Oman is a VERY rugged country and it takes time to get around. It is HIGHLY recommended that your arrive early on the first day and stay in a mountain village for at least one night.


In Malaysia, corporate teams can enjoy a range of outdoor team challenges as they explore the theme of scaling new heights in the face of change and economic turbulence:

  • Genting Highlands (cable car ride above the clouds, theme park, caving, &amp, post-COVID-19, strawberry picking and desert preparation challenge)
  • Cameron Highlands (tea plantation tour, afternoon tea, strawberry picking, & post- COVID-19, visit indigenous Orang Asli village, jungle trekking)
  • Kota Kinabalu (Via Ferrata, treetop canopy walk, ATV rides, hot springs, quad biking)
teambuilding jamaica


This simulation is also available in Jamaica as Island Survival which integrates the themes from our mountain team building and beach team building business simulations.

The Cockpit Country, the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park, and The Alps in Jamaica are ideal locations for the mountain portion.

Japan Team Building

This mountain team building simulation comes to life in the in the Japanese Alps. Your team ends up at a secluded resort with an onsen where they rest, recharge their batteries, and develop a strategy to find their way home.

Switzerland – Mountain Team Building

Switzerland Team Building

The Alps offers panoramic views the perfect backdrop to unpack the themes of our mountain team building simulation. Paragliding, hiking, quad tours, and canyoning are some of the adventures for executive retreats that await I Switzerland

After spending so much time cooped up at home, plenty of people already have more than a touch of cabin fever. Time spent on the mountain seems like a good way to dispel it. Safe, too—it is an outdoor activity, after all.

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What our Clients Say About Us

Mountain Team Building

Ihab Hinnawi, CEO, Batelco Jordan

Core messages I heard clearly: It’s important to look at all information in order to make decisions in a very competitive market and during uncertainty.

Ihab Hinnawi
Batelco Jordan , CEO

Jordan Batelco

Core messages I heard clearly: It’s important to look at all information in order to make decisions in a very competitive market and during uncertainty. Most Valuable Insights, Ideas or Concepts: Decision making tools like idea chains and storyboards that draw information in a systematic way and force fields that look at strengths and opposites.

Jordan Batelco
Ihab Hinnawi, CEO

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada

During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country, an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney
President & CEO, Wurth Canada

About ourIsland Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country

The comments were very positive….you kept the enthusiasm and energy of the group at a high level…. we walked away with some great new ideas and the day was a success! Much appreciated….

Patrick C. Charles
Manager – Operations & Initiatives Operations Service Centre – Toronto Royal Bank of Canada

Laurie Blake, Governor General’s Horse Guards Riding Club

Anne worked with members of a Board of Directors and a group of 30+ participants composed of both the association’s membership and clientele. Anne developed a creative, team building simulation, Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country…kept all in a good humour… and, most important, helped our flagging spirits and organization push forward to the next phase!

Laurie Blake
Governor General's Horse Guards Riding Club

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