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Jungle Survival Team Building by Executive Oasis International, Toronto

Survive, thrive, & grow even in the midst of turbulence.

Jungle Survival: Facilitated Team Building Simulation

It’s a jungle out there! Unexpected global economic upheavals unleased by COVID-19 have created a fierce and tough business climate.

Jungle Survival, an interactive business team building simulation, helps executives and their teams:

  • identify untapped market niches to replace those in decline
  • discover new ways to package and deliver products and services
  • fight their way back to survive and recover from business setbacks
  • generate solutions to business challenge with our suite of brainstorming and problem-solving tools

Your team will spend time in the jungle learning survival secrets that have sustained indigenous communities since the dawn of civilization.

Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Jamaica

In some areas, jungles restricted due to COVID-19.

Jungle Survival

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Benefits – Jungle Survival


Inspired by the TV show Survivor, our Island Survival, Survivor team building simulation will help you:

  • Break down silos
  • Build team spirit
  • Boost your team’s collaboratin benchstrength.
  • Streamline the decision making process
  • Identify and eliminate communication barriers
  • Uncover new target markets for your products and services
Availability – Jungle Survival


Jungle Survival, a Survivor inspired team building, is a facilitated 3 – 4 day business team building simulation that is perfect for executive retreats. It’s available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

This “lost in the jungle” team building simulation will familiarize your team with a toolkit that they will then use to analyze your own business issues and challenges.

We can offer this in any rainforest setting.

Part 1: Your team will participate in a jungle-themed business simulation in person or virtually.

Part 2: When COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, part 2 will take them into the jungle to discover the survival secrets that have sustained indigenous communities.

In some areas, jungles and rainforests restricted due to COVID-19.

Brainstorming – Jungle Survival

Brainstorming Tools

  • Idea Chains
  • Mind Maps
  • Storyboards
  • Priority Grids
  • Corporate Landscape Analyzer
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Cause/Effect Fishbones
  • Flow Charts (Not reviewed)

These effective but simple tools are intended to give team members a common frame of reference and assist teams by simplifying analysis of complex situations particularly during tight timeframes.

If your team is already familiar with these tools and using them on a regular basis, we can substitute with other tools.

Alternatively, we can make the session process focused rather than tool focused. This will involve additional costs as we will require one observer/assistant facilitator per team to observe and provide feedback about group dynamics during team challenges.

Activities – Jungle Survival



  • business facilitation
  • tent pitching challenge
  • orienteering
  • GPS treasure hunt
  • fire starter challenge
  • outdoor cooking challenges
  • mini soccer challenge


  • Outdoor Cooking Challenges (Post-Covid-19)


Team Building in the Time of Corona…Coronavirus


Our Survivor team building retreats will also give your team an opportunity to experience the local culture and traditional lifestyle.

  • visit to the Sarawak Culture Village in Kuching
  • explore historical Melaka
  • experience a homestay with the Iban or Orang Asli

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is so rich with rainforests, that it has SIX different types of rainforests form tropical to Riparian rainforests (near rivers and streams).

Depending on the area, hiking rafting, canopy tours, ziplining, and horse riding area available.


It is estimated that 31.1% of Jamaica’s landmass consists of rainforests.

Activities include rafting, ziplining. white river tubing, and jeep safari tours. Glistening Waters (Luminous Lagoon) is one of the world’s 4 phosphorescent lagoons. The others are in Florida, Cayman Islands, and Mexico.

The coronavirus crisis has turned into the biggest threat to the global economy at least since 2008. The big difference this time around is that a surprising consensus has emerged about what to do about it.

Wall Street Journal

What our Clients Say About Us

Jungle Survival

Michael Turajlich, Scalar Decisions Inc., Toronto

Client re-booked us for 7 consecutive years & went to Jamaica twice We have worked with Anne the last three years for our President’s Club and she was top notch for quality. The three events were great success and many thanks to Anne for her expert services to make them great! I would highly recommend Anne for group functions to let your group enjoy and relax knowing you are being taken care of.

Michael Turajlich
Scalar Decisions Inc., Toronto

Ernie Sweeney, President & CEO, Wurth Canada

During the team building session for the sales representatives of our Metal Division, we had an opportunity to experience Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country, an approach which was quite different from other programs that we have seen. You certainly helped build a better team spirit within our division.

Ernie Sweeney
President & CEO, Wurth Canada

About ourIsland Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country

The comments were very positive….you kept the enthusiasm and energy of the group at a high level…. we walked away with some great new ideas and the day was a success! Much appreciated….

Patrick C. Charles
Manager – Operations & Initiatives Operations Service Centre – Toronto Royal Bank of Canada

Laurie Blake, Governor General’s Horse Guards Riding Club

Anne worked with members of a Board of Directors and a group of 30+ participants composed of both the association’s membership and clientele. Anne developed a creative, team building simulation, Island Survival: Marooned in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country…kept all in a good humour… and, most important, helped our flagging spirits and organization push forward to the next phase!

Laurie Blake
Governor General's Horse Guards Riding Club

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