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Survive, Thrive and Grow in the Midst of Turbulence


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Team Building (Pharamaceutical Industry)

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape

Team Building, Egypt, Middle East, GCC Countries

Business Team Building Simulation for a Turbulent Economy
Pharmaceutical Industry Case: GlaxxoSmithKline GSK - Saudi Arabia

Our global economy is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change and upheaval, presenting organizations with new challenges and opportunities. Some sectors are in decline while others are emerging. In this turbulent economic climate, even companies with strong performance need to be alert, on top of their game, and agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the economy and the marketplace.

Visexecutaries = Visionary Executives

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape, an Apprentice Team Building retreat, will introduce you and your team to a toolkit that will help you respond more effectively to the demands of our economy. The tools will already be familiar to some members of your team, however, we will show you new way to use them.

It provides companies that are doing well tools to scan the horizon, spot emerging trends, be proactive, and stay on top of their game. It offers companies that are facing challenges with a change in mindset and practical tools to identify new opportunities and jump-start organizational performance.

Nobody will be fired

Apprentice Team Building, Middle East, Egypt

Visexecutaries: Apprentice team building moves WAY beyond theory. Your team will participate in a marketing and sales competition and actually take a product to market to enhance learning and team building. Profits will be donated to a local charity.

This simulation is available globally. For other business simulations available worldwide, please also see "International Team Building" (on the side menu).


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Pleased Participants
"The various projects emphasized the great importance of developing a marketing strategy using mind maps, storyboards and listening to the minority which might have brilliant ideas for business. All strategies and tools are applicable to our business"

Mohamed Awaad, Force Field Manager (SALES), GlaxxoSmithKline GSK (Saudia Arabia)

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"Live examples regarding paradigm shifts, corporate failures and successes, the use of workshop techniques rather than lectures, and the flexible agenda contributed to the success of Visexecutaries."

Ahmed Ramzy, Sales Manager, GlaxxoSmithKline GSK (Saudi Arabia)

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The Context

To survive, thrive and grow in the midst of turbulence, a change in mindset is essential. Even well established corporations have had to be proactive, re-think old approaches and re-invent their of doing business.

This can involve:

  • executing projects and producing results in shorter and shorter timeframes
  • re-assessing, refining and articulating a clearer vision of the direction in which you want to steer your team and organization
  • improving products and services
  • re-shaping your marketing strategy
  • modifying supplier and distribution networks
  • transforming team leader/team member interactions
  • ....and even forging alliances with the competition

Visexecutaries are visionary executives who move beyond traditional paradigms to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in the marketplace. Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifing Corporate Landscape, an Apprentice team building simulation, will give you new tools so that you and your team can fine-tune your strategy to seize opportunities in our turbulent market.

GlaxxoSmithKline (GSK) Saudi Arabia in Ain El Shokna, Egypt

Here is what we did for one client and a sneak preview of what we can do for
YOUR next executive retreat or team building session.

A few days after landing in Cairo, Anne Thornley-Brown, President, Executive Oasis International, travels to the Tella Del Mare resort in Ain Al Shokna on the Red Sea. There she meets members of GSK's Saudi Arabian sales team and facilitates Visexecutaries, an Apprentice Team Building simulation. UCB Pharma and GSK have merged in the gulf region and sales teams must now come together and function as a cohesive unit. The goal of the session is to help the team gel, learn some new uses for brainstorming and planning tools, and begin to experience the paradigm shift that is always important in a rapidly changing environment sharpen its teamwork skills and fine-tune its marketing strategy.

Visexecutaries: The TV Series

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executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, Middle East
Episode 1: Project Assignment

Anne Thornley-Brown meets 9 members of the GSK Saudia Arabia sales team in a lush palm grove. She asks them if they are ready to face their challenge and they respond with a resounding "yes!"

SBS and Team ADAMM are each assigned the task of helping a business owner in an Ain Al Shockna bazaar improve his business and design a marketing and sales strategy to boost profits.

The project is challenging and the timeframe short but they meet their clients and and get to work. They realize that they will soon have to meet in the boardroom where nobody will be fired.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, GCC
Episode 2: Project Planning

Both teams use mind maps to generate some options. ADAMM uses a marketing grid, force fied analysis, and flow charts to chart their course while, SBS creates distinctive logos, charts and SWOC analysis. The strategies are similar. Both teams focus on making the shops more aesthetically pleasing and improving the visibility of the merchandise. They also create 1 day specials to drive traffic to the shops. ADAMM focuses on ingetrating creative images from the bazaar into a bilingual flyer. They also provide coaching to enhance the sales skills of a key member of staff.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, Middle East
Episode 3: Project Execution

Mixed Reviews

SDS and ADAMM both describe their proposed strategy to their clients. One client responds with enthusiasm but the other is discouraged and not convinced that change is possible. SDS decides to take small steps to convince their client that he can see a dramatic improvement in results in a short time

A Shifting Customer Base

Initially, the target audience seems to be Serbian. They are thrown a curve when the weekend guests at the local hotel and resort begin to arrive and they are 90% Egyptian. They quckly revise their strategy and create an Arabic version of their flyer.

No Name Brand

ADAMM's clients shop doesn't have a name so it is difficult to come up with branding. Anne Thornley-Brown and members of the team meet with the stall owner and stress the importance of creating a brand identity with a unique name. After some discussion, the name Hakim's Oasis is selected based on the owner's name.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, GCC
Episode 4: The Obstacles

Red Tape, Broken Printers , Time Flying

As the time to begin their promotional activities approaches, both teams realize that they face significant hurdles. ADAMM is having difficulty determining the extent to which they are permitted to make changes to the appearance of their store. To get this clarified, they have to contact a number of parties. Eventually, they get approval to implement their plans from the Cairo owner of the property on which the bazaar is located. This delays the design of the flyers.

Once the flyers are ready for reproduction, there are other obstacles. The printer is failing, the replacement cartridges turn out to be for the wrong size and the 2 printers at the resort aren't working either. Tired and discouraged, the leaders of both teams meet with Anne to strategize. The teams decide to photocopy the flyers in black and white using some of the copies already produced. They also decide to combine their promotional efforts and use 3 enthusiastic vacationing children to do some of the distribution. This strategy works really well. Soon the bazaar is buzzing with traffic.

Episode 5: The Boardroom
This episode will give you a clear picture of the tools and strategies that we use in the Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building simulation and how they are used to manage change and pull together targeted marketing, sales and business strategies.

The 2 teams meet in the boardroom to make their presentations. The were both well prepared and provided excellent overviews of client challenges and their proposed solutions.

SBS documented and demonstrated dramatic results. Despite the fact that they spent only 15 Egyptian pounds, they boosted sales from an average of 20 Egyptian pounds per day to 400 Egyptian pounds on the day their strategy was implemented. They definitely suceeded in demonstrating that big results could be produced even with small changes. Their client is now much more open to making change.

While ADAMM set a clear target of boosting sales by 25%, as their client was a bit hesitant to share financials, they did not have access to the data to quantify results. Based on client testinomials, there was a significant improvement in traffic and revenue. However, as ADAMM demonstrated clear leadership in the areas of creativity, used more elements from the Visexecutaries toolkit, bilingual flyers, and a brand new name for their client's shop, they were selected as the winners. Nobody was fired and each delegate had a chance to select a prize from the prize table to take home to his wife.


GSK Saudi Arabia Retreat Agenda

Day 1

It was Supposed to Work: Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

  • Shifting Sands: Turbulence and Other Changes in the Corporate Landscape
  • Why Some Traditional Business Paradigms are no Longer Helpful
  • Paradigm Shift Part 1
  • Cases: Corporate Successes/Corporate Failures

Desert Survival Mini-Simulation:

  • Change Management Simulation with Observers to Record Team Dynamics


Day 1

Project Assignment

  • Provide Consulting and Coaching to a Small Business Owner in an Ain Al Shockna bazaar and help him navigate and implement changes to improve business
  • Design and Execute a Sales and Marketing Strategy to Boost Sales


Traditional Egyptian Oriental Show

sales, rallies, executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, Egypt, Middle East

Day 2

The Project

  • Project Planning
  • Strategy Design
  • Implementation of Business Improvement Measures
  • Execution of Marketing and Promotional Strategy
  • Execution of Sales Strategy
  • Debriefing Preparation

Celebration Dinner

Day 3

The Boardroom


Paradigm Shift Part 2

  • Cases: Middle East and Pharmaceutical Industry Corporate Successes and Failures
  • Lessons Learned
  • Corporate Landscape Analyzer
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Social Networking: The Implications of an Emerging Trend

Business Application Exercise

The Winners

Prize Table

Follow up (2 Weeks After Session)

Executive Think Tank:

  • Facilitated Application Exercises to Brainstorm and Fine-tune Marketing Strategy



All Year

Group Size:

8 - 60 (Optimal = 12 - 45)

Time Required:

Optimal = 3 Days


Available Worldwide

executive retreats, Egypt, executive team building, GCC


  • Weathering Economic Storms
  • Executing Initiatives in Short Timeframes
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Executing Promotional Campaigns
  • Business to Business Selling
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

Programme Details

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Upgrades Available

executive team building, luxury, upscale, Egypt

We can add upscale elements to this Apprentice team building simulation based on resources available at the location. Depending on your budget, rewards can include books, DVDs, helicopter tours, hot air ballooning, dinner cruises, spa treatments, and lots more.

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Bringing us to destinations outside Toronto will involve air travel but it's worth it. Please obtain approval for our air travel expenses into your budget BEFORE requesting a quote.

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