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Survive, Thrive and Grow in the Midst of Turbulence

Toronto Apprentice Team Building


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Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building Team Building

Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape

Business Team Building Simulation for a Turbulent Economy

Visexecutaries = Visionary Executives
Wireless Communications Industry Case: EPICPCS - USA
Ideal for Executive, Management, Sales, Marketing,
from Wireless Communications Firms

Our global economy is experiencing an unprecedented rate of change and upheaval, presenting organizations with new challenges and opportunities. Some sectors are in decline while others are emerging. In this turbulent economic climate, even companies with strong performance need to be alert, on top of their game, and agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the economy and the marketplace.

During Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape an Apprentice Team Building session, you and your team will be introduced to a toolkit that will help you respond more effectively to the demands of our economy. However, Visexecutaries: Apprentice team building moves WAY beyond theory.

You and your team will have an opportunity to use the toolkit in the real world by designing and executing a marketing and sales strategy for a specific product. Your team will complete all logistics and promotion required to take your product to market and generate a profit. The teams will compete with in a marketing competition to determine which strategy is most effective in generating revenue.

All teams will meet in the boardroom where NOBODY will be fired. Instead you'll identify key success factors and best practices. Debriefing and application exercises will help you take what you have learned back to work with you. All profits will be donated to local charities.

Nobody will be fired

Apprentice Team Building, Toronto, Malaysia, USA

This simulation is available globally. For other business simulations available worldwide, please also see "International Team Building" (on the side menu).


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We would be pleased to handle your inquiry, check availability of dates and venues and send a proposal if:

  • you are looking for business team building with a facilitator & not just recreation
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We will get back to you with a quote within 48 hours to 5 business days of receiving your request.

We require a $500 retainer before detailed, customized agendas are developed and any hotels or other venues are contacted on your behalf. [Why?] This will be deducted from your fees if you book your session with us.

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Pleased Participants
"The retreat went well. Anne provided useful techniques and was enthusiastic and informative. The Leadership Team enjoyed themselves and learned so much about the value by each participant from our Leadership Team."

Bob Boaldin, Founder/CEO, EPICPCS, Elkhart, Kansas

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"Very well done! I admire the style in which the session was conducted and the manner certainly catalyzed active participation and discussions. Initially, it seemed to be just a series of enlightening discourses on increasingly sophisticated customer needs, the volatility of market vicissitudes, and the importance of cohesive teamwork. The real eye opener was that all participants were required to apply in a real life situation; within a specific time frame; all relevant business principles. The performance parameters and results were measured and shared with the entire group. The experience of actually applying what is preached is exciting and invaluable. The most valuable aspects of this session were the various tools that can be applied to assess relevant factors before a plan is put into action."

Ooi Joo Hong, Deputy General Manager (Marketing), Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

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Apprentice, Team building, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape is a powerful Apprentice team building simulation for executive retreats. This executive team building session will assist you and your team in your quest to improve organizational performance. Our highly interactive Apprentice team building session will give your team a chance to devote quality time to:

  • gaining a better understanding of the needs and requirements of increasingly sophisticated and discerning customers
  • identifying new markets for your products and services
  • sharpening your project and team management skills
  • improving your ability to produce results within a short timeframe
  • defining and articulating a clearer vision
  • unleashing and unleashing the creative power of your team to translate your vision into reality
  • fine-tuning your marketing strategy
  • identifying and overcoming barriers to marketplace success
  • re-examining customer, supplier and team roles and relationships

Your team will participate in a marketing competition and actually take a product to market to enhance team building.

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifting Corporate Landscape was designed in response to the economic downturn of 2003. It gives companies that are doing well tools to scan the horizon, spot emerging trends and stay on top of their game. It offers companies that are facing challenges with a change in mindset and practical tools to identify new opportunities and jump-start organizational performance

Who will Benefit?

Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in Our Shifting Corporate Landscape is HIGHLY relevant to executives (including CEOS, CFOS and vice-presidents), directors, project managers, manufacturing Managers, logistics professionals, IT professionals, engineers and technicians who execute projects, any manager, sales and marketing teams, and professionals seeking to improve their effectiveness in a fast-paced and volatile environment.

The Context

To survive, thrive and grow in the midst of turbulence, a change in mindset is essential. Even well established corporations have had to be proactive, re-think old approaches and re-invent their of doing business.

This can involve:

  • executing projects and producing results in shorter and shorter timeframes
  • re-assessing, refining and articulating a clearer vision of the direction in which you want to steer your team and organization
  • improving products and services
  • re-shaping your marketing strategy
  • modifying supplier and distribution networks
  • transforming team leader/team member interactions
  • ....and even forging alliances with the competition

Visexecutaries are visionary executives who move beyond traditional paradigms to take advantage of the boundless opportunities in the marketplace. Visexecutaries: Seizing Opportunities in our Shifing Corporate Landscape, an Apprentice team building simulation, will give you new tools so that you and your team can fine-tune your strategy to seize opportunities in our turbulent market.



Group Size:

Time Required:

All Year

8 - 60 (Optimal = 12 - 45)

Minimum = 3 Days

Apprentice, Team building, Singapore, Malaysia



Available Worldwide

  • Weathering Economic Storms
  • Executing Initiatives in Short Timeframes
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Executing Promotional Campaigns
  • Business to Business Selling
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

Programme Details

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Upgrades Available

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We can add upscale elements to this Apprentice team building simulation by offering it in New York. We can also fly the winning team for Project One to New York for the evening of Day Two and Day Three to New York for their Reward. Depending on your budget, their experience in New York can include limo ride to your hotel or the Trump Penthouse, an overnight stay at a high end location such as the Trump Penthouse, dinner, orchestra tickets to a Broadway show, a helicopter tour, hot air ballooning, spa treatments, even golf with Donald Trump.

EPICPCS Elkhart, Kansas, USA

Here is what we did for one client and a sneak preview of what we can do for
YOUR next executive retreat or team building session.

Anne Thornley-Brown, President, Executive Oasis International, travels to Elkhart, Kansas to facilitate Visexecutaries, an Apprentice Team Building simulation, for EPICPCS. EPICPCS has a reputation for innovation and a solid track record in the wireless communications industry. The company had recently undergone a re-organization and wanted to sharpen its teamwork skills and fine-tune its marketing strategy.

The executives were divided into 2 teams. They selected the names Communivashon (Becky Scott - team leader, Trent Boaldin, Mike Wiegers) and EPIC Wireless Communications (Troy Barnett - team leader, Tammy Hardy, Dian Boaldin, Bob Boaldin). Communivashon was assigned to the EPICPCS store in Guymon, Oklahoma. EPIC Wireless Communications is asked to focus their marketing and sales efforts on the Liberal, Kansas store.

Visexecutaries: The TV Series


Videoclips available only to prospective clients giving series consideration to booking Visexecutaries.
executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, USA, golf
Episode 1: Project Assignment

Anne Thornley-Brown assigns Communivashon to the Guymon, Oklahoma store and Epic Wireless Communications to the Liberal store.

The project has two parts. The marketing and sales tasks involves selecting a target market, designing a customized service, package or product offering to meet their needs, designing and executing a marketing strategy, creating a buzz to draw traffic to the store, and boosting sales above last year's results for the same Saturday.

The fundraising task involves providing and selling a lunch to raise money for a community cause. In Guymon, it's for the Guymon Lions Club Save the Train initiative. In Liberal, the challenge is to raise funds to help Miguel Giner with his medical expenses and for the Stepping Stones Shelter.

The assignment takes both teams by surprise. Once the teams get over their shock at the scope of the project and short timeframe involved, they roll up their sleeves and get to work.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, USA, golf
Episode 2: Project Planning

Communivashon and Epic Wireless Communications scramble to pull together a marketing strategy and meet pressing deadlines for advertising. Anne reminds both teams to focus on strategy before tactics and logistics.

Epic Wireless Communications quickly finds that an alliance partner may not be able to deliver what was promised. Communivashon has strong alliance partnerships but finds that some resources are not available due to the number of events taking place in Guymon on Saturday.

Both teams feel the pressure of having to produce results within a tight timeframe. The need for back up plans and to "ride herd" becomes apparent.

Team members Bob and Dian Boaldin come to the rescue by donating meat from their own company. They work well into the night making 300 beef patties. Troy meets with an alliance partner to determine what support they will be able to offer. Thunder and lightening that night threaten to rain out both events.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, USA, golf
Episode 3: Project Execution

In Guymon, Trent Boaldin continues to do radio interviews and promote the event with a sandwich board as he did the previoius day. Mike and Becky mingle with customers. A remote broadcast by one of the local radio stations generates a lot of entushiasm for the event. In Liberal, Tammy and Troy are pleased with the front page banner and announcement they drafted for the newspaper. Early in the morning, Tammy does the garage sales circuit and gives out flyers at local businesses. Radio call-ins in Spanish and English eventually pay off and potential customers pour into the store.

Both teams are able to move product and raise money for charity. When Anne arrives in Liberal, the store is so busy that the team is unavailable for a group shot. When she leaves for Guymon, Bob tells her to tell Communivashon that they may as well pack things up and head home. He is confident that they have given Communivashon a sound beating.

Clearly both events have been successful and they appear to be neck and neck when the lunch is finished. Customers continue to pour into the Liberal store. One young Hispanic man makes it just before closing. He has been listening to the radio call-ins in English and Spanish all day. He got off work and headed straight to the store to purchase the package and handset that was promoted. Will this sale be enough to put Epic Wireless Communications ahead?

The teams debrief and put the finishing touches on their boardroom presentations. They anxiously await the sales results at closing. They will meet Anne in the boardroom the next day where nobody will be fired but a winning team will be selected.

executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, USA, golf
Episode 4: The Boardroom

Communivashon and Epic Wireless Communications square off in the boardroom. Depite the many obstacles they faced, the team with a very specific target market and laser beam focused marketing strategy comes out on top.

This episode will give you a clear picture of the tools and strategies that we use in the Visexecutaries: Apprentice Team Building simulation and how they are used to pull together marketing, sales and business strategies


EPICPCS Retreat Agenda

Day 1 - AM

It was Supposed to Work: Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks

  • Shifting Sands: Turbulence and Other Changes in the Corporate Landscape
  • Why Some Traditional Business Paradigms are no Longer Helpful

Desert Survival Mini-Simulation:

  • A Survivor Style team simulation to familiarize Team with the Visexecutaries Toolkit


Day 1 - PM

Project Assignment

  • Marketing Task - Design and execute a marketing and sales strategy to boost sales at the assigned store over last year's results
  • Philanthropic Task - Form an alliance with community organizations to raise funds for a local charity or worthwhile cause

executive retreats, The Apprentice, sales rallies, executive team building, golf, helicopter ride, New York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Communivashon's Sandwich Board

Day 2

Driving Range Challenge

Golf Cart Relay and Scavenger Hunt

Project Planning and Logistics

Execution of Marketing Strategy

Day 3

Execution of Marketing Strategy

Promotional Event and Fundraising Lunch

Debriefing Preparation

Day 4

The Boardroom (Debriefing)

Prize Table

Executive Think Tank:

  • Facilitated Application Exercises to Brainstorm and Fine-tune Marketing Strategy

sales, rallies, executive retreats, The Apprentice, executive team building, golf, helicopter ride, New York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Bringing us to destinations outside Toronto will involve air travel but it's worth it. Please obtain approval for our air travel expenses into your budget BEFORE requesting a quote.

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Apprentice Team Building, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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